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The song touches your heart and also makes you drop in love quickly. And also the very best part of the tune is that, it narrates by itself. This song has been developed with various shots from the movie as well as it shows Aditya and Katrina’s love story basically– how they satisfy, bond, fall in love, resemble each various other, complied with by heart break and afterwards sadness. While Adi looks HAWT, Kat looks crackling as always in the tune. An enthusiastic love making scene between the two enthusiasts is also received the track.

Singer: Zeb Bangash
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Music: Amit Trivdei


Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast
Haminastu, haminastu (haminastu..)
Meri jaan rooh dil se ba-basht
Haminastu, haminastu (haminastu..) (x2)

Ho… khamosh darkhton ke saaye
Ye khauf hai soya saa
O.. kuch khoya khoya humne bhi
Yeh chehra hai roya saa

Murjhate gulon ne jhuk ke kaha
Hume aadat hai hamin asto (hamin asto)…
Chalte lamhon ne ruk ke kaha
Inaayat hai hamin asto (hamin asto)…

Ye veerane, ye sannate
Ye kya bol rahe hain
Aate jaate, aate jaate

Panchhi saare udd gaye kahin
Bas ghonsley hain haminasto
Gar jannat hai zameen pe kahin
Yahin pe hai haminasto, haminasto (haminasto..)

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