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As the title cards of Alphonse Puthren’s ‘Premam’ showed up, I couldn’t quit considering those butterflies – the swallow tails as well as the cabbage whites, the blue bottles and the bird wings – that when flitted about with aromatic memories of an entire generation’s childhood filled on their attractive wings. They seem to have entirely faded away as well as are no longer seen trembling around these alley ways ridden with smoke as well as dirt as well as have possibly moved on to greener fields where the glimmer of an unsullied dew drop waits for.


It is this perfumed whiff of reminiscences that the movie rakes up with its initial scene that makes ‘Premam’ one of the best films that I have actually viewed till now this year; one that it keeps till the really last scene that comes almost after three hours. Rupturing with hopefulness and packed with durability, ‘Premam’ is a sensational cinematic item that talks of the process of dropping in love, violating a heart, nurturing a stinging memory or more for the rest of your life and most importantly, releasing and also moving on.

Singer(s): Anirudh Ravichander
Music: Rajesh Murukesan
Lyricist(s): Pradeep Paalar


Hey paattonnu paadapporenthaa
Aadama irukka mudiyathuda
Oorellaam vissilu parakkuthudaa
Ithu kutthaattam rockaattam
Nee keludaa..hey

Paattonnu paadapporenthaa
Aadama irukka mudiyaathudaa
Oorellaam visilu parakkuthudaa
Ithu kutthaattam rockkaattam
Nee keludaa

Rocku naa ange weightu daa
Kutthu naa inge gettu daa
Randume kalanthaa massu daa

Say do re mi fa so la tti do

Rockan kuththu senthu vanthaa
Rockan kuthtu ithu thandaa
Rockan kuththu senthu vanthaa
Rockan kuthu ithu thaandaa

Hey hey hey hey
Vellakkaaran kutthunna rockudaa
Namma ooru rockunna kutthudaa
Jacksonuda paattu kettavan daa
Raajappaattai paadi valanthavan daa

Nayarkkada chaaya
Nee kudichu paru paiyya
Hey vellakkaaran soda
Athu peru coca cola

Hey thousand watts bulb
Athu yeriya thevai power
Ada kuraikkathuppaa Doggu
Ada namukku mela Goddu

Ettukkum potti venaanda
Yellaame onnu isai thaandaa
Naan sollum karutthum ithu thaanda

Say Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa

Rockaan kuththu senthu vanthaa
Rockaan kuthtu ithu thandaa
Rockaan kuththu senthu vanthaa
Rockaan kuthu ithu thandaa

Aye Maass kutthu
Aye Weight kutthu
Aye Rightaa kutthu
Ithu Rockan Kutthu

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